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How to Utilize Your Mobile Data in Best Way?

Availability of cheaper internet plans boosted the data usage in India. This is not strange as most of the population in India using the Smartphone and consuming the internet data as a daily routine.

A latest report revealed by Swedish Telecom equipment maker Ericson and as per the report India has become the highest data user in the world with the consumption of 9.8 GB per month for a Smartphone. And the consumption rate will all the way grow to and reach upto 18 GB per month by 2024.

The reason behind that are cheaper 4G data plans offered by the telecom companies in India.

The average cost of 1 GB data is comes in the range within 3-4 Indian Rupee which is rather cheaper than many developed countries, which compelling people to exhaust more data on daily basis.

The internet revolution in India has drastically changed the lifestyle and has helped the consumers to absorb the informative content regarding their interest.

But rather getting information people using the data for entertainment purpose which is good to an extent, however these approaches are also putting people towards Smartphone addiction.

As per the study social media platforms are the best destination for spending time and data by the consumers globally.

So here we are sharing few of the tips to utilize your mobile data in best way.

Don’t be addictive to entertainment sites:

As we have mentioned entertainment sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok are the highest traffic running sites in India where people spending their maximum time being online. Try to reduce your precious time on these addictive sites.

Gain the Knowledge:

Everybody having an interest to a particular topic which can be a game changer for you and even you can be the pro for that topic by exploring your interest deeply on internet.

Please make a note that the internet data is not only for entertainment purpose, the interest you are exploring on the internet edge may lead to monetize for the content creators who are rigorously working for their customer/subscribers.

If you do have the same spirit to explore your favorite topic and want to spread knowledge, use these networks as a content creator and take the monetary advantage of these best knowledge platforms.

This will help you to grow in the field of your interest and will lead you towards the success path on digital platform.

Make a schedule of your data utilization:

To get the better output of your hard earned money, make a schedule of your data utilization and act accordingly.

You can segregate your data usage in various stages for optimum utilization of your data in a best way.

You can schedule your data limit to various sections like entertainment, research, videos, web applications etc.

This way you can be more efficient and smart towards your data usage.

Spend data for your kids:

There are many study applications are available on the internet from which you can help your kids with their studies and could be a helping hand for them to make them aware about internet and their legitimate advantages.

Help your parents:

The internet revolutions have affected almost all age groups thus you can utilize your data for your parents by downloading the content of their interest.

Altogether you can also help them to make many things simpler for which they are still depend on traditional methods like ePaper, internet banking, eBooks etc.

Use internet to get knowledge of every dimension of life:

Use the internet data for which you have never used it before for your daily routine life.

Just like fix a doctor’s appointment to avoid long queues at hospitals for you and your family.

If you stuck in any civil case then you can read the law terms online to avoid further law terms which can be used by the law firms to fool the customers.

Read the human rights in your country so that you can live a healthy and tension free life.

If you do have any issue with government authorities, raise your voice and log a grievance on government authority portals.

Internet has given you the power to utilize it in right direction to become a responsible citizen.

Do not visit fraudulent sites to become rich overnight, please make a note that success has no shortcuts and every good thing take time to happen.

Manish Mishra

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