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A New Google Assistant Feature “Hold for Me” Waits on Hold For You

Wow, what if Google will wait for you, when your call has been put on hold, It’s a really interesting feature made available exclusively for Google Phone users.

The feature name is “Hold For Me” and will help users get their time back

How does it work?

Image Credit: Google

We often call lots of toll free numbers to get assistance for our day to day utility issues, where company representatives often put our calls on hold, and sometimes if no representative is available to talk, then the IVR call can go up to more than 5-10 minutes on hold with recorded message or music.

Now Google assistant will do the job for you by recognizing the prerecorded voice and music and let you free to do some other task till the time an executive will not be available to talk to you.

The New AI of Google assistant has been designed in a way which is capable of recognizing the recorded voice and a real time voice which will help users to save their time by waiting on hold for long calls.

Google assistant will notify you with sound, vibration or a prompt on your screen when an someone is available to chat.

How to Enable this feature in the phone?

The “Hold for Me” feature is powered by Google’s duplex technology which recognizes the hold music and also understands the difference between a recorded message and a representative on the line.

This feature is an optional feature and can be enabled in settings you can choose to active during each call to a toll free number.

Once a representative is recognized, Google assistant will notify a user that someone is ready to talk, and the representative has to be patient a bit until you return to the call.

The preview of the feature can be experienced on newly launched Pixel 5 and pixel 4a (5G) smartphones powered by Google in the US as of now.

The process does not rely on any internet as the phone itself is capable to manage it.

Google has also confirmed that there is no audio will be saved behind the process by default however its a choice of a user if they want to share it with Google to help improve the process.

Google says the feature will come in its new pixel 5 devices, however the existing devices will get this new feature through “Pixel feature drop” roll out

Manish Mishra

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