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Google site kit WordPress plugin, A wonderful plugin for WordPress website

Have you heard about Google’s site kit WP plugin? This plugin gives the WordPress site holder a fantastic ability to hold all google related products which are necessary for your website at one place. You can access analytics at the WordPress interface.

Google Site Kit allows a website owner to access information in the WordPress admin panel, which is related to Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed insights.

With the help of this Site Kit, you get authoritative and latest recommendations from Google at your admin panel. Here user need not go on different browser windows to access information about the site. Google Site Kit can help him to access all information about the audience, site performance and revenue performance all in one place.

Search Console

As we know, this helps to understand how Google systems discover and render your pages to users or visitors. Keep track of how many organic visitors visited your site in the search results. For which queries they typed to get your website and what are the other elements like CTR, Rank and others.

Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you can find many things about the audience like about their demographic. How they interact with your website. Source from which they land on your website, goal conversion or abandoned the cart and many more. We will discuss this in our other articles about google analytics.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

Here you will see the page speed of your pages. The pages performance compared to other real-world websites. And valuable tips to make the performance of your page excellent and performance in mobile and desktop.

Google Adsense

This section will tell you about your earning from the site. Make sure your good content works for you by setting up an AdSense account.

Key Advantages of the Site Kit WP Plugin by Google

You would be happy to know that Google has already launched this plugin. The beta of “Kit Site by Google” was officially released in January of 2019. Many are using it successfully.

you can download it from here

  • Access Google Analytics with all of its features and dashboards
  • All information at single WordPress dashboards
  • See your website performance and PageSpeed Insights at the same place
  • Finding of content which is earning higher for your and real-time earnings

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